Saturday, December 10, 2011

Striped Furniture Project

did get my creative juices flowing by taking a old wood dresser that my husband said to throw away and redid it. 

 I had to repair the rails, put in new bottoms to the drawers.  Of course I had to wait until now to do it as the Texas heat in the garage is a not a fun place to work.

  After repairs, sanding, priming, painting, striping, more painting, distressing and antiquing, along with new knobs I was happy with the final result. I even lined the drawers with black and white stripe wrapping paper.



Painted with front

Blue tape for the stripes.  Had such issue in trying to make the holes for the knobs fall in the correct place

Front Painted with tape.  Once I pulled off the tape, the white was "too white"

The Final Version - distressed, glazed to tone down white

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