Monday, February 22, 2010

Virtual Paintout Challenge February 2010 San Francisco Bay Area

This month is SF Bay Area  for the Virtual Paintout Challenge  My old home.  Enjoyed exploring old spots and new ones for the challenge.
This is Sheridan Street in the Presidio.  The old Army base by the Golden Gate Bridge.

Here is the Google shot I worked from, it was too washed out, so I brightened it up.  I tried to do a painterly technique.  Not too sure about it, and after dropping my pallette knife across it and having to try to fix it.

But fun and done rather quickly for a change.

Rookie Painter Challenge

This is my first submission to the Rookie Painter challenge blog.  I loved the photo and wanted to try it.
I enjoyed working on the oranges.

Here is the original photo

Fruit Week

Oh the ellipse.  I am trying so hard to improve in my drawing of them.  I have re read my art books, practices and am still suffering in trying to get them correct.  


Starts, trying to do more quick studies.  This is on a piece of canvas paper from a still life I set up.