Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Virtual Paint out Challenge January 2010 Corsica

I started participating in the Virtual Paint out monthly challenge where a place is listed and using Google maps, you take the street view to pick  a location to paint from the map.  It was fun to see the different spots in Corsica and to pick a location.  The blog to see the submissions is:

Here is the spot I picked and my interpretation.
It is on a panel, in oil 6 x 6

6 Impasse de la Route de Ville, Bastia, Northern Corsica, France

I had some difficulty in getting the corner bricks right, and I enhanced the color as it was very washed out in the original photo making everything look sort of gray.


  1. Thanks so much for the feedback. Very new to painting so appreciate hearing if I am on track!

  2. Julie, very nice paintings! I also enjoyed the tour of Corsica. I love this house, and you did a great job interpreting it—beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog!! It is always exciting to get feedback.

  3. I like this interpretation. The light on the building and the way that you chose the elements to include.
    I hope to participate in this challenge. Looking back through your art, I see we both did participate in 'different strokes from different folks'.

  4. I love your style. The colors you chose are GREAT, especially the greens!

  5. Thanks Becky and Peggy. I can't figure out how to respond back to the comments in blogger other than below. It was difficult with getting perspective given how the photo was taken with the map camera, but it was alot of fun

  6. Very nice work. You picked a fabulous scene and did a great job making it your own.